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Carpe Diem at Davila's "RV" Park
How fortunate we are to have such...

An ugly travel trailer accident on I 75 just south of Toledo

Michigan welcoms us on US 23

Bob washing Carpe's roof

Cleaning the mirrors marks the end of a BIG job!

The "Gang" at the Bay City Yacht Club
Taking the pix, and hence...

Sandi "tucks into" a plate of Ken's Wings
Photo by Jerri Smith

Sat, 25 Jun: No alarm this morning, but we were both up a bit after seven. Following breakfast we got Carpe ready for the road and got rolling about 0830. We departed Lebanon not really sure if we'd drive all the way to Saginaw or not, with a midpoint Sam's Club as a possible overnite.

We drove along Ohio 123 to I 75 and proceeded north. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and not too hot. The winds picked up later in the day, but the morning was fine. We made a fuel stop at Pilot in Findlay, OH, where we finally found some diesel at $3.839/gallon. We "only" took 43 gallons, but it was about 20¢/gallon less than in Michigan. So, we topped off the tank. We and every trucker on the road. We were pleased when we did the math and learned that Carpe got 9.43 MPG on this last tank (she's been averaging in the high eights/low nines for the last few fills.)

We broke for a quick lunch at an I 75 rest stop. While we were dining we noted several emergency vehicles heading north with sirens wailing—generally not a good omen. Sure enough, not too far up the road the traffic slowed to a crawl while every northbound driver gawked at an overturned travel trailer blocking most of the southbound Interstate. Apparently the trailer tried to pass the tow vehicle, not a happy event. Speed? Overloading? Don't know, but it was a sobering sight.

We were feeling pretty good so we elected to press onward. South of Toledo we left I 75 (it goes through Detroit) and got on US 23 thru Ann Arbor. We reconnected with the Interstate at Flint, and arrived at Domingo and Carmen's home about 1530 and got settled in. Total day's miles: 308.

We visited with the Davilas most of the afternoon and then out to dinner, where they insisted on treating. How fortunate can we be to have good friends with a large side yard, 30-Amp power, and they treat you to dinner too? Wow!

We're planning to stay here thru next weekend, hitting the road on the fourth. But, we're retired, so who knows???

30 Jun: Wow, Thursday already !?! Where has the week gone? We've been so busy visiting that updating this Journal has somewhat eluded my attention. Sorry...

We've spent much of the time visiting with Carmen & Domingo. They've cooked us several meals, and taken us out to others (we did manage to grab the check a few times!) They allow us to use their washer/dryer, wash our coach (see pix), and squired us about for dinner and shopping. Need we mention that it rained the evening we washed the coach??? ☹

We also got to Bay City and had our hair cut by our long-time favorite stylist, Vickie Meany at Magnolia Salon (Saginaw & Third in Bay City). She did our hair when we lived here in the 90s, and she has not lost her touch. She's about the best!

We took the coach into General RV to have the broken door awning looked at. They identified a broken gearbox and ordered the part. If all goes well it should be in tomorrow (Friday) morning and we're scheduled to have it repaired in the afternoon. Do hope that works...

Big Bay City fireworks this weekend, but we're not too sure we'll fight the traffic to see it in person. They do broadcast it on local television, so we may watch it in HD from the comfort of our SelectComfort (just how lazy can retirees be?)

Sat, 02 Jul: Wow, summer has arrived with a vengeance. Daytime highs in the nineties and overnites only in the mid seventies. Since we have limited electric power (20 amp) we cannot use the air conditioner. Open windows, exhaust vent fans did the trick and we slept with no problems.

Today the Coast Guard Auxiliary "gang" got together at the Bay City Yacht Club, our old watering hole. As usual, Jerri Smith, the organizer's organizer put the whole thing together, including "Welcome" balloons. She's just a super pal.

It was great to see the gang again, and thanks to all who attended. Of course, the highlight (other than the people, of course) was Sandi's plate full of Ken's Hot Wings (and hot is the operative word here...) Kenny had Sandi in tears, but with a big, big smile on her face (see Jerri's pix of Sandi in the pix section).

All too soon the "Coasties" had to go on patrol for the big Bay City fireworks display. Folks, being retired we watched the fireworks on the television lying in bed, and they were spectacular. Every time we thought it was the finale, it just kept getting better and brighter. If you have never seen Bay City's fireworks, you have not seen fireworks.

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