looking down from my room in Leon

my porch/verandah area

unique quarter door or Mr Ed's barn door

my bedroom

my dressing area

martyr's of July 1959

inner altar/sanctum of La Immacolata

Nice polished wooden church ceiling

Nice Polish pontiff

They were not exagerating when they said their furniture was going out...

Choose before you go!

Who is keeping score i think it's Lennon 3 Marley 2

Another of Leon's 12 churches

interesting ceilings

First time i have seen this in this part of a church

Interesting scenes from Christ's Calvary

Has Mary Kolotas been looking at a new franchise opportunity?

View from my verandah..a volcano!

Monument to a fallen FSLN leader

What the hell through out the constitution and have him dictator for...

Christian Socialist and former Guerilla leader how many western leaders can claim...

Cupolas on Cathedral roof

View from Cathedral belltower of central park and plaza and Episcopal residence

Detail of Titan holding up bell structure

Titan's torso

Another church and more volcanoes in distance

These cupolas remind me of the generators in the Snowy Mountains scheme...

City perspective straight road with volcano at the end

Another direction another volcano

Hidden garden only seen from roof of Cathedral

Virgin Mary atop the cathedral

Another vista another volcano

Street vendor espied from on high

Ornate tabernacle

Weeping lion at tomb of national poet Ruben Dario

Giant stations of the Cross in El Calvario Iglesia

Lion fountain in central park

Wonderful inner garden at Cafe Rosita they make lovely Granita and cake

Photo of poster of FSLN guerilla attack with tankette in Leon 1979

Guerilla hurling rock at entrance to prison 21 where various atrocities and...

Wow some scaling! I use sensodyne and mouthwash

Guy on left first governor of Leon...Mr Cordoba put to death in...

Headless priest died 1555 ghost can be seen around town

La Giganta local myth

Wattle and daub but hey they have mobile phone reception

restored theatre with statue of Athena

Mural showing student rebellion

Middle of mural student rebellion...

Third part of Mural Uni gets heavy on overdue library books

Yes that is the way the morning starts here in Leon...oh and the siren is accompanied by fusillades of cannon fire...actually bungers..they seem to go off any time of the day everyday..no reason...it's because they can..hasta la revolucion! Time to load up at my cafeteria and have a nice cool shower..one learns to love them when it is 25C this early...another 8 or 9 volleys of fire ring out !!! I got to tape some of this! Just like shooting guns into the air..except no one gets killed ...(dogs may not like it) breakfast desayuno and Gallo pinto rice with lentils and beans...yummy! Plus a cocktail of various tropical fruits~paw paw, mango, banana, avocado...I season my scrambled eggs with garlic salt, Italian seasoning herbs and pepper! Washes away the Bacardi And orange and pizza from last night...ole! I also have my little one shot espresso maker i bought in Honduras...together with my pouch of Panamanian coffee i had to show the cook how to set my pot on the fire and how to pour it into a cup without burning or spilling my browny molten liquid; unfortunately i have to use long life milk as fresh milk is not readily found.

The air raid alarm also sounds at midday...in case one somehow managed to miss its insistent strident martial tone earlier on in the day...maybe someone with a massive hangover, thoughtfully the town provides a reprise to get those last few slugabeds up!...took a stroll to find another bus company that went to Costa Rica; seems it wasn't just yesterday that the office was closed but today and always...helpful guy at tour agency did not know the situation because he does not deal with 'that' company...anyway i walked to another 2 churches..found a Barber in a barn and had a 40 Cordoba shave about $AUD1.85c the barber's workshop was a cavernous dark hulk some 5 metres high and 10 metres wide divided in two by a wooden wall that only reached halfway up to the roof...the floor showed the scars of where in days gone by, there had been a second barber's chair, the mark of which broke the monotony of the floors' present sad and well worn design. Inside it was cooler and pleasant than i first had sensed...then i saw the back door was open leading onto a garden from which a pleasant draught of air was making itself felt in the salon where i was being attended to. I could faintly detect a woman humming out in the porch backing onto the garden wherein there was a caged bird. After my shave i left the barn and made my way across the lover's small park and its columns, passed the recumbent ice cream man who was taking the garden airs while his ice cream van struggled to attract some children's interest. I watched as storm clouds gathered and made my way to the Cafe Rosita by way of a supermarket for washing powder and juice. Cafe Rosita was a real oasis, a garden of earthly delights fruit juices of mango, banana, cantalope, passionfruit and strawberry served chilled by friendly students. More than several times to sample the cake and juice of the day...whiling away the time waiting for the storm to pass.. watching my fellow patrons. Then reluctantly i would have to leave and wind my way back to the Hostel Leon to partake of the cool pool or to ascend to my barn room loft and snooze my way into a siesta ,,,my light bulb energy long life was replaced with one that did...downloaded Gilbert O'Sullivan..Morrissey has covered one of his songs plus some Glitter Band...

Been here 6 days so far the place grows on you...did i mention the quarter kilo hamburgers? They exist and reasonably priced at 32-35 cordobas..bananas down to 2.5 cordobas 11c Australian for a pound 454 gr!!!! Great having a pool to deal with the midday heat...seems like that saying only Englishmen and dogs go out in the midday sun...the locals here take a siesta...well some that is....can't wait to splurge on air con at my next place..it makes it so hard to concentrate and sleep

Even On Sunday that air raid siren still sounds twice day..... all clear ...all clear...

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