Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Our campsite at Maumelle COE Park

A view up the Arkansas River

Some back-in sites along the river

A barge

Sunrise on the river

An early fisherman

Here comes the sun

Bob enjoying the sunrise

The river appears smooth as glass before it wakes up

Bob in front of the Bill Clinton Museum

Story of the Presidential Limo

President Clinton's limo

Secret Service story

A full scale replica of the Cabinet Room

Bob conducting some very important business in the Cabinet Room

These piers of documents represent 3% of the 80 million pages of...

Full-scale reconstruction of the Oval Office shows the room and furnishings as...

The Presidential Dining Room...sans the china Mrs. Clinton took with her.

Elvis's shirt - Part of the traveling Elvis collection

About the car used in the "Blue Moon" movie

The car

Rabbit Reach - Bronze rabbit sculpture

Touch the Sky - another bronze work

A beautiful bronze eagle

TheFlying Fish Restaurant - with boat motors hanging from the outside wall

Part of the fountains at the Clinton Museum. The water goes right...

Wow, did we get off early (for us!) this morning ! 9:00 a.m. Another nice drive -- part interstates I-20, I-30 and I-430, and part “red” roads where we got to go through a few smaller towns on our 5 1/2-hour drive to Little Rock, Arkansas.


We can add this state to the map the grandgirls gave us now.

Pulled into the Maumelle Corps of Engineers Park early this afternoon. It was a long driving day but we’ve decided if we want to get to the east coast, we’d better get a move on. Had a 20-minute fuel, walk-the-animals stop; saw some beautiful cloud formations; and saw some logging trucks. The rivers actually have water in them and the trees and grass are green. But the humidity, combined with the 100+° heat, does knock me for a loop, though. I sure hope the “heat dome” moves away from the U.S. by the time we get to NJ and NY.

The Maumelle COE Park is north of Little Rock along the Arkansas River. It appears to be a very popular park, not only for RVers but also for the residents of Little Rock and the surrounding communities that come for the day and have picnics or launch their boats or just sit and watch the river. There are a lot of pleasure boats docked at the marina here, along with a houseboat or two, and we saw a barge going downriver so it must be a rather “active” river in this area. We didn’t get to see either of the two locks at the upper part of the river near Morrilton. One of them is called the Toad Suck Ferry and Lock and Dam. Not sure if that’s just the name or if there’s really a ferry up there. Guess that’s for another trip.



Took Bob into the William Clinton Museum in Little Rock today. He also wants to walk along the shops and stuff but I know I just can’t do that in this heat so I dropped him off and went to do the shopping we needed to get done. Also got my one Arkansas geocache. Luckily it was right behind to the Walmart where I shopped. By the time I took everything home and put it away, it was time to go back to pick him up. He said he had a good time. I know I did. He said there were actually more Elvis displays than Clinton displays (He said they showed the whole "Blue Moon" movie that Elvis starred in and only had a 12-minute orientation film) but since it is still under construction, I imagine that will change. The Elvis exhibit is actually part of the changing exhibits. I would like to come back here in the fall, when the weather is cooler and walk along the waterfront and maybe take in a dinner cruise, or even just a day cruise, on the paddleboat. We’ll see.

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