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Roadside glimpse of the Great Dismal Swamp

Waterways are WIDE

Wanchese fishing village

Perched sea gull

Oysters & shrimp

Drive-in beverage store "Brew Thru"

Restaurant "Dirty Dicks"

Once Corky and I connected with our gypsy souls, restless sets in quickly. The lure of the wide open road is never far from our minds. The pattern has become one day home; next day off to who knows where. Suffolk, Virginia lies very close to the VA/NC state borders. Sunday was a gorgeous day to travel the back roads of North Carolina ending up in the Outer Banks.

The barrier islands compromise the Banks with MANY fishing villages, tourists beaches, and a National Seashore giving it its identity. Irene's storm surge has left much clean-up; evidence of a wind event leveled random communities. It is heartbreaking to see a family clearing the debris of their leveled home!

Multiple wide rivers spill into the bays and sounds of these two states seashores. Tall, long bridges allows one to cross these expanses of water , giving the traveler a panoramic view of the water and its edges. And so our souls were renewed taking in the healing beauty.

Hold on...leave the Outer Banks without eating blue crabs or seafood of some sort?!? That' downright sinful. An old eatery with a tricky motto served up some good eatin'. Dirty Dicks is the restaurant; motto is "I got my crabs from Dirty Dicks". We had enough food leftover for another meal; licked the bowl clean of she crab soup-oh, you could taste the real cream and sherry loaded with fresh crab! Corky had a dozen oysters and I had a shrimp, orzo, and spinach salad. There's hope-both of us have learned to listen to the mental signal of fullness-I've had enough thank you!

My unleashed energy will be appropriately channeled(finally) Wednesday afternoon. The personal oncology "tour director" will share the plan with me. I'll keep you informed. While I've heard from many of you, I do NOT tire of your words of encouragement, inquiry, etc. Please remember Corky, also. He's the whip-cracker(I'm in trouble).

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