Wandering Wolverines 2010 travel blog

Mt. Marathon in Seward, AK

right behind the camping area

Pretty painting on end of a building

the Seward harbor - love it, even in the rain!

heavy duty working boat

Sea Otters - so much fun to watch

Our prime campsite in the Seward city park - Ron watching me!

A lovely day for a boat ride!

Eagle about 1/4 down from top of the photo - we saw...

The bow of the boat - up close view of rocks along...

So pretty - sorry about the rain spots!

This little bit of land dropped over 10 ft in the earthquake...

Earthquake fault

hundreds of birds on the big rock, Steller Sea Lions

the rocks are alive w/birds - they are all calling out to...

Puffins - spend most of their lives on the water, only come...

again so many shades of green . . .

The bird's racket is magnified in these sea caves!

more birds on almost every inch of rock!


Heading out into the Gulf of Alaska - big swells, but not...

Humpback Whales (mom & baby)!

Humpback Whales (mom & baby)!

There she blows!

another tour boat stopped also, they are not allowed to follow the...

it is pouring rain - so hard to get photos, plus they...

just a little baby spout!


Bye - bye

Mom & baby Mountain Goats - a little below the middle of...

There they are! Love the zoom lens. . .

Heading back into the harbor - boy are we wet!!!

Cruise ship pulled in at 3 AM

The big & the small - love 'em all!

Used to load coal onto freighters

The teak flooring on this boat was beautiful!

another otter right in front of us

Hi - we spent 2 nites in Seward - I went on a tour boat to see animals (mostly sea-type). Will update later - but had a good critter count - weather wasn't too much to brag about! For the people back home who are dealing w/a major heat wave - I had on a shirt, a sweat shirt, a fleece vest, my winter coat & a rain parka - also gloves - it was barely 45 degrees & on the ocean it was very cold! Even saw a couple of small ice bergs floating past the boat! Will update later. . .

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