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Our new little Fifth Wheel - 27 ft. Wanderer

The other side. The little door in front is a built-in generator.

View from bedroom door - the problem is the slide is in...


From the front doorway. Just to show the color of the couch.

Our entry will be a little late today - please check back in late afternoon - you will see why then!

OK! So now it is afternoon and we have come back from Q. We went there yesterday (Saturday) and looked at smaller Fifth Wheels. We had thought we might want a toy hauler but then decided that the ones we wanted were about $10,000 more for the toy hauler than the regular Fifth Wheel. We decided that we wouldn't get that much use out of the Rhino during the summer so we changed our minds and went with a small Fifth Wheel.

Today we wanted to get some rock tumbling stuff so we drove past the RV lot and took some pictures of the rig. They had taken it over to the prep place so we didn't get to get good inside pictures but you will get an idea.

After that we drove to Tyson Wells and tried to find some belts for our rock tumbler. Everyone was out but we did get to pick up some more grit. One old rock hound suggested that we find some vacuum cleaner belts that are the same size. So next time we are near a Wally-world we will check them out.

So now we will make another trip to Q on Thursday and pick up the new RV. We will use it on our lot for a guest house during the winter and as our "vacation" trailer during the summer. It should help a lot on the gas mileage and parking during the summer.

So that is our surprise. More pictures on Thursday.

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