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Friends, Barry & Mary Moien, at the 'Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

The 'Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania' near Wellsboro, PA

Our adopted Chapter 20 family. 'Mom & dad' are 5th & 6th...

Friday, July 10 thru Sunday, July 19

We arrived early afternoon at the Country Acres Campground just east of Lancaster, PA. After getting set up, we drove to an RV parts & supplies store in a nearby town to get a new AC heating element for our refrigerator. The old one failed while we were at Hershey - thank heaven for being able to run off propane for a few days! We also had hoped to pick up our mail at the local post office. But this was Friday and the P.O. here closes at noon on Friday. Friday evening we joined the Friendly Maryland Travelers for a cookout - hot dogs, corn on the cob, and miscellaneous salads. Our friends, Barry & Mary Moien, who invited us to this rally, would not arrive until Saturday morning due to a funeral they had to attend Friday. However, we were warmly welcomed and soon felt part of the group. After dinner, we played 10 rounds of Bingo before heading to the hosts’ site for a campfire.

Saturday morning the hosts provided a pancake breakfast. Then, while they held their club meeting, Drew & I headed for the post office since they are only open from 8 to 10 AM on Saturdays. But, alas, our mail was not there. ☹ It left Houston, Texas on Tuesday afternoon and had been processed Wed AM in New Jersey, but I guess it is much further from NJ to PA than I thought!!! We returned to the campground just in time to board the tour bus for a 2-hr guided trip through Bird-in-Hand, PA. The driver/tour guide provided a steady dissertation of information about the Amish way of life between our stops at an Amish market chock full of Amish food and crafts, and an Amish farm where we could see their animals, examine their carriages, and, of course, buy more food, crafts, and quilts. I learned a number of things about the Amish that I had not heard before, and found the tour very enlightening.

After the tour, we had just enough time to clean up a bit before heading to another Amish farm where a mother and her daughter had prepared a very delicious & bountiful meal served family style for 35 of us. After we had stuffed ourselves to the limits on blueberries, beets, fresh bread and homemade peanut butter, zucchini casserole to die for, melt-in-your-mouth-tender roast beef, mashed potatoes, savory baked chicken, noodles, and fresh green beans, dessert arrived. Oh no! We had to try everything - that’s right - all 5 desserts - zucchini cake, carrot cake, blueberry pie, cherry pie, and homemade ice cream. Wow! We probably don’t need to eat again for a month or so! Everybody returned to their RVs for much needed naps while our bodies tried to deal with all that food.

By 7 PM most of us had recovered sufficiently to play several rounds of Mexican Train. Sunday morning, our hosts provided a light (thank you!) breakfast, goodbyes were said and most headed home. Drew & I and the Moiens are staying another night in hopes that our mail will be here in the morning. We spent the afternoon unsuccessfully shopping for Xavier’s b’day (#3) present. There is something wrong when a 3-yr-old’s b’day wish is that difficult to find! Barry & Mary also spent the afternoon shopping for their granddaughter’s upcoming third birthday. They were more successful cuz 3-yr-old girls just want pink clothes and tiaras.

Tomorrow we are off to Ive’s Run, a beautiful Corps of Engineers park north of here near the NY state line.

7/13 Monday - Drew called the P.O. and our mail had finally arrived so we headed to Ive’s Run as planned. The Moien’s had never been to a COE park and they were very taken with its beauty. We got set up and then just sat and enjoyed the view of the lake. Tuesday morning we took the Moien’s to the nearby town of Wellsboro to see the ‘Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania’. Drew & I had been here 2 yrs ago, but it was worth seeing again. The town of Wellsboro is worth visiting in its own right - it is the epitomy of what we all think of as a thriving small town from the past. We stopped for lunch at the 1939 Wellsboro Diner and then stopped for dessert at an ice cream stand that we’d discovered last time we were here. The very large scoops of ice cream are hand-dipped and fabulous! Cones come in 4 sizes - baby (1 dip for $1.50), small (3 dips for $2), medium (5 dips for $2.50), and large (yes, 7 dips for $3)!! We ended this delightful day with a campfire and s’mores. Bet you’re jealous!!!!

7/15 Wednesday - We had planned to leave today, but Barry & Mary decided another day in paradise would be nice, so we stayed. They decided to return to Wellsboro for more exploring. Drew & I opted for a long drive through the countryside to see one of the other 2 COE parks in this area. The Tompkins park is also a very nice park though not as spacious as Ive’s Run. The Wellsboro Town Band was putting on a Concert in the Park tonight so we drove back into town and very much enjoyed their performance.

7/16 thru 7/18 - Barry, Mary, Drew & I drove the 46 miles to Alparon Park (the fairgrounds) in Troy, PA to attend the Escapees Chapter 20 summer rally. We really enjoyed this rally and being with friends we’ve made in this group over the past 5 years. There were 42 Escapee members in attendance including several visiting from other chapters. When a couple or an individual joins an Escapee chapter, they are adopted by a couple who have been members for a while. Back in 2004 Drew & I were adopted by Ann & Ira Hanks, our mom and dad. Soon thereafter we acquired a brother and sister, Frank & Barbara Simon. At this rally our family grew with the addition of Joe & Eleanor Brugger. Joe & Eleanor are also Titanium owners.

7/19 - After breakfast and goodbyes, Drew & I headed to a campground outside Honesdale, PA where we planned to do a bit of cleaning and to get our laundry done before proceeding to New Jersey. However, when we arrived at the Countryside Family Campground, Drew discovered the bottom step on our entry to the RV had lost 2 rivets and the livingroom slide was not working properly. There was nothing he could do about either problem on Sunday afternoon so he was frustrated. I found that the campground laundry had only one washer and dryer (WHY??) And they were in use with people waiting. Therfore, I was also not too happy. We decided that the best thing to do was nothing. So we warmed up some leftovers for dinner and read. Tomorrow is another day.

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