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Entrance to canal from Lake Ontario

They build homes everywhere.

Maneuvering among the rocks.

We get close to shore in many spots

Going thru the Trent Cut

Locking thru wearing our PFDs as required.

Our Cruisers. Aint she pretty

7/7/06 Campbellford, ONT

A great day after getting some advice from our fantastic host at Frazier Park Marina in Trenton. What a great guy. After putting in some gas at $4.60/gallon, which is typical up here, we headed up the river against the current. Trenton is a great place, & we hated not being able to stay there an extra day, but we want to see the Trent-Severn, so off we went. A fair is going on here, so John took Sue to it & rode the ferris wheel, where at the top, he gave her a really messy kiss. Ain't love great?! We are slowing down now some, & await our visitors in a few days up the river some more. Lee Harris' inverter design continues to run the refridg well, & John's backup house battery system is being installed as we go along. To date we have been on 9 waterways, 12 creeks, 8 canals, 25 rivers, 17 sounds/inlets, 1 ocean, 13 lakes, not counting the many cuts between the various bodies of water. We are tied up with our new best friends, Jim & Linnea - they have been great to travel with & we ahve shared so many things together, that we feel we have new life long friends. We are getting hooked on cocktail hours & the bridge competition is heating up. The girls have now challanged the boys to a championship game, winner takes all. Stayed tuned.

7/8 - 7/12 Trent Severn Waterway

No pics. We are in Bobcaygeon (Bob-Cajun) tied to lock wall along with other loopers who are piling up for the rendevouz next week on Georgian Bay. It is really neat seeing all sharing many stories. One couple is on our boat as I write this using the internet via wifi as the signal is better there. We can not get ours to work so I am at library on their PC. Marcia, on our boat, knows PC's, she is going to look @ our PC to see why the email does not work. It is raining, so we are staying put for 2 days. Last 3 days has found us in some of the neatest waters along the way so far. We dodge rocks alot, but it is no as bad as it may appear in the pics we hope to post in a couple of days. We were zig zagging thru one area, & the boat behind (loopers) us came on radio & asked us if we were lost. After a quick check of charts, John concluded that we were on track, but we all agreed that the route we were taking among all the narrow channels in between the rocks did not make sense. However, 15 miles later & many pics taken, we were back on a lake. This area is obviously where the rich & famous live/visit over the past 2 days of travel. What is really neat for John to see after many years of living on southern lakes, is all the neat ideas the Canadians have for building docks, rigging boats... We have now done 92 of 145 locks we have to do on the loop, so crew member Sue is happy about that. She got drenched 2 days ago locking thru, as she has to handle the bow lines. When we got to this wall, there was no room for us, but the many smaller boats re-tied for us to squeeze in, parallel parking along the concrete wall. John pulls up, takes a quick measure & concludes we need another 3 feet. They were able to give us 2, so in we go to give it a try since our bow is higher than the small boat in front, that we can overhang his boat. The other boater was ok with him "giving it a try". So in we go with Sue covering her eyes, & lo & behold we made it in front of a large audience. We got applause -

Along the way we stopped in this nice town. It was a weekend nite, so the kids were out, & it is "no license day" for fishing in Canada. A boy, Lane, who is about 12 met Sue & they talked forever. Dad came on board & helped John do a chore & chatted. That nite, Sue mantioned missing the grandkids as we get closer to our trip back home, she gets a little weepy eyes -which is a good thing. In the middle of nite, the local teenage kids decided to a little roudy, so they had to be told to behave by another boater. After leaving, they decided to come back & turn over the trash cans & wake all of us up with noise @ 0200. Kids will be kids, however, John wished we were back in the south so he could have taken care of those kids, southern-wise, if'n you know what I mean. Another neat site here are rental houseboats. They are rigged for week long trips for about $1K/wk. The locals rent them alot, & the rental agencies know how to prep the boats for all the bumping these novices do. The sides have hand rails all over, large rubber fenders permenantly mounted, gas grills & everything one needs. What a great idea. These boats are all around 35-45' long, sleep 6, & are on large pontoons that are reinforced, so when they run aground, they stay afloat. This is something we are pondering for a summer tip up here sometime. The next 2 days takes us thru more sightseeing & then hole up near Orillia for our guests to arrive, Ed & Carol, @ a marina (can you believe it, a marina with electric (they call it hydro), showers, water, laundry - LOL

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