E and P Australia Excursion 2009 travel blog

Sunrise Uluru

A little sun and heat at the rock

A nice spot with shade

Water ah

Around the near to last corner

We started with the Sun Rise at Uluru... then we decided to walk around The Rock.. seemed like a good idea isn't that what you do here. A 9.7 km walk in 40 degree heat in the desert... no wonder there was no one else walking on the path with us... but we did it... now our tans are looking really good... then off to the pool ....we aren't getting out... so send money..... then we did laundry... it took 10 mins to dry in this heat and wind... no joke... then we found an air conditioned Internet room and we never left.... dinner ,,, a glass of wine and a good look at the stars again... I hear that it is snowing in Edmonton and -25... I miss home...........ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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