Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

View from the platform in front of the bar..

..Another 'Arty' one, totally by mistake - didn't see the reflection until...

...Lovin it - Hahhhhhhh.....!

Its BRUCE! Could this guy look any more like an Aussie??!!

Hmm, gettin familiar with a Palm tree! (Rather dashin tree though, it...

Big Green ants with eyes!

Well, we were supposed to stay at Townsville but the driver decided not to and drove us to Magnetic Island (via the ferry) instead! reason being that it was the full moon party and ended up bein wickid! Went on allllllllll night and the hostel was ON the beach, yes ON the beach! It was set out like a little pirate village with little huts for dorms, it was GREAT! (As frank would say!) There was the full moon, lots of drink and ants (big green ones with eyes!)

SO, had lots to drink, lots of dancin and hardly any sleep!


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