Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

This morning I called my friend, Kima Ramsey, who is a case manager at the Texoma Medical Center in Denison. I needed to find a primary care physician who can refer me to a pain management physician. Kima arranged for me to see Dr. Truly next Wednesday afternoon. That’s the earliest appointment she could get.

Medicare will not pay anything at all if a chiropractor refers a patient for pain management. Also, the TMC Urgent Care, which I have visited a couple of times for minor issues, is not allowed to make such a referral. It must be done by a primary care physician. I don’t already have one because I am in generally good health and avoid doctors’ offices most of the time. Sometimes I just want to scream about our pitiful excuse for a health care system! I can’t stand red tape, inefficiency and unnecessary costs. I am thankful, though, that I don’t have very many health problems; so I try not to bellyache too much. :>)

Today I decided that I’d better get cracking and finish my income tax return. It is more complicated than my level of income would indicate. It’s always a relief to finish that detestable chore. I’ll get a refund this year.

This afternoon I met Carol Troxell at CVS Pharmacy to make prints and enlargements of some of the photos I took last week of the bald eagles. Their machine wouldn’t accept my Western Digital device but the store manager let me use his laptop a few minutes to copy the eagle photos from the WD to my little memory stick. That was such a nice gesture. He and the photo lab manager have always been very helpful every time I’ve been there.

After we had finished our photo job we went to McDonald’s. Carol got a snack but I stuck with just a diet Dr Pepper. We sat there for quite a long time. We always seem to have a lot to discuss when we’re together because we share so many interests.

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