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Saturday, Nov. 15

Even though I had the opportunity to sleep in I still woke up early and decided to just get up and go to breakfast. At breakfast I was surprised to hear that Maria decided that she wanted all of us to go to Zanzibar and was treating us to a weekend trip!! Maria and her surprises!!!! She had chartered a private plane (which I not only got to co-pilot but fly as well).

The hotel was a beautiful resort right on the beach. Kathleen and I declared it honeymoon #2 since we were sharing a room and the bed had a mosquito net draped around it and little flowers placed throughout the room. That afternoon we all went swimming in the Indian Ocean – a first for all but Maria AND the first time ever to any ocean for Godfrey. A group of us went snorkeling and saw some cool fish and thousands of sardines that would swim together so tightly and form and huge circle around you. It was fun to try and chase them and watch them all move as one. We swam out to where there was a little reef under a boat where we started getting stung by a bunch of little jellyfish – I quit that area pretty quick once I started getting stung! Later we went in the pool and had drinks at the swim up bar, where we learned from Maria that the pina coladas were nothing compared to the Olive Garden (who knew?!)

That night after dinner, we all went to the bar where there was a live band. The singer was awesome, he could sing anything. He started out sounding like Louis Armstrong, then sang Spanish and Arabic songs, a little Elvis, Hotel California, John Denver (ugh… I cant escape it!) and finished up with Swahili songs. Everyone danced and sang. It was a great night. Apparently, someone at dinner asked Maria how we all had so much fun… we were definatly that group that night! The hotel didn’t know what hit them! The only downside of the night was that my camera broke. Not quite sure how, but its definitely done (Maria took it later in the week to see if her friend could fix it but no luck).

Sunday, Nov. 16

We woke up early the next morning for breakfast and an early swim before heading off for a day of shopping. We went to a spice market, fabric stores and lots of places that had different wood carvings. We also stopped at where the slave auctions used to be held during the height of the slave trade. It was really sad where they were kept – reminded Kathleen and I of the concentration camp we went to in Germany.

After getting caught in the rain again and getting harassed by the shop owners for a good portion of the day we headed back to the bus to catch our private flight back to Dar. After getting stuck in traffic, we made it back to the hotel a couple hours later and crashed pretty hard again.

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