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New Hampshire accounted for

Brattleboro, VT to Manchester, NH

My closing picture yesterday was hoisting a beer and captioning the photo “a good way to end the day”. If I would have waited until “route rap” I might have reconsidered that beer. We learned several things in the course of today…

1. There is a reason New England is so green in the summer…it rains a lot! For seven hours and 97 miles we were always wet. No one that I know went out to get the last three miles to make a century.

2. When our illustrious ancestors built the early roads out here they did not spend a lot of engineering time to ease their way through the Adirondacks. We spent more time on climbs of over 15% than I care to remember. One exceeded 20%...which is when I questioned the wisdom of that afternoon treat the day before. All in we climbed over 7000 feet.

3. All of that said, thousands of miles of training and EVERYONE finished! The large, the two 69 year olds, the two who had never ridden over 50 miles in a day, the 5 who had never done a century before this trip…what a thrill.

Tomorrow is the final day…dipping the front wheel in the Atlantic. Those that went the whole way went over 3800 miles (2140 for me), climbed over 190,000 feet (135,000 for me), and are justly proud of the experience…ALL. Would everyone do it again…only time will tell, but I’ll bet…not all.


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