Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Camping at the Farm by the CSA barn

Early morning

Saturday at the "Muffin Store." Audrey waits for coffee.

Jesse & Tim & Grandma

Saturday is also Farmers' Market day. Jeremy's booth.

Jeremy helping a customer

The greenhouse where it all begins.

Heirloom tomatoes. They are to die for!

The kids love the RV!

and SPAM sandwiches!

We got to have a day with Jesse

He had fun at the playground

Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory


Jesse was awestruck









The blue butterfly was very elusive



Jesse and Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the visit

Traffic outside Foxburo stadium where the Jimmy Buffett concert was held

In the RV parking lot

View from the top

This group built a maguerita bar..

..and served magueritas!

parrot head

They arrived in all kinds of vehicles

Buffett girls

Tom made a pirate flag to attach to our fins (rudders)

The party goes on

Dusk at the concert

Jimmy is really a more intimate act and is lost on this...

Here's Jimmy Buffett!

We've made it to Maine - and have lobsters ordered for dinner tonight. They are caught and cooked by the owner of the campground here - Gray Homestead.

The trip started out last Thursday with a visit to Audrey and Jeremy's in Amherst, Massachusetts. We camped at the farm again, and enjoyed it. The next day, while Tim was at his new pre-school, we had Jesse to ourselves (his kindergarten started after Labor Day). We took him to the butterfly conservatory in Deerfield, MA. It was awesome! We all went to the Farmers' Market on Saturday, and had Tim alone for a few hours later,

Sunday was the long-anticipated Jimmy Buffett concert in Foxborough, at Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots play. The weather was great - and the stadium is not covered. Actually, the parking lot was the best part of the whole experience. People came in chartered buses, RV's, cars, limos - all decorated with flamingos, shark fins, and other "Key West" paraphenalia. They all set up barbeques and bars and chairs, and a grand time. The people were wearing things like Hawaiian shirts, leis, coconut bras, hula skirts, and funny hats. Everyone was very very friendly. We felt like we had no decorations, but other people said that our kayaks were the real thing! This all started at 4:30, as soon as the parking lots were open. That is when we did get there - but we were already sent to an overflow parking lot. At 7:00, we started out on foot for the stadium gates, which were still a 15-minute walk. The security was very tight - about 100 State Police around, and several screening gates - for men and women separately, with and without bags to search. Tom got in OK, but I was told that I had to go back around the outside of the stadium to a special gate for clubhouse tickets. It was very confusing, and even though we had our cellphones on, we could not hear them ring in the chaos. We finally met at our seats. There turned out to be an exceptionally long warm-up act that was too loud, even by concert standards. The tickets said 7:30, bit it was 8:45 before Jimmy Buffett came on the stage. A stadium is really a poor venue for such a concert - there were only two large video screen, at the front next to the stage. But the worst parts were that Jimmy Buffett looks old - bald, with his remaining gray hair in a pony tail. - and he played up to his groupies with a lot of "remember when?". The energy I have felt from Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon - and even Yanni - was not there. OK, so I guess that is his style and what his middle aged fans come for. I will stick to his well-engineered recordings.

We stayed in a nice hotel that night. It was also the same day as the concert that Anne got a toothache. That is scary- it is sensitive to cold and hot, and so as long she eats no ice cream, she can live with it for now. Our dentist was reassuring on the phone that it was not an emergency. It will probably need a crown when we get back.

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