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We stayed at Manapuri for the night before our long day to Doubtful Sound.The campsite was a very quirky campsite where the owner had built every chalet differently ...rather like larger versions of John's (Wright) Wendy house he built for Abbi!...all painted in different colours.It sprawled into a woodland and was very quiet and was certainly different from the nose to tail 120 caravan park of Queenstown.

The day of our trip to Doubtful Sound was sunny when we left in a small boat across lake Manapouri for a 45 min ride and the day promised well, but as we arrived nearer the mountains the clouds came down and it rained. The hydro electric power station we visited first was interesting. The tunnel down was very dark and narrow and had been blown out by dynamite rather than bored out which must have been quite a feat...16 people were killed doing it.

The boat trip out to the mouth of the sound(should be called a fiord as it is a flooded glacial valley...they got it wrong!) took aver an hour and we could not see much because of the low cloud. At the mouth however there is a row of small islands created by the fault line between the two plates. These islands are very interesting and we saw some of the rarest pengiuns huddled in the cracks and one on a nest.(the fiordland crested pengiun).

On the was back we saw some fantastic waterfalls (there is some benefit from all the rain!) under which we duely got soaked as the skipper backed the boat to touch the sheer rock face.

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