More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

Lullene Spiller

Lullene in Front of Main House

Front of Main House

Caretaker's House (Left) & Main House

Outer Hallway

Wet Bar & Conversation Pit at Fireplace

Conversation Area

Guest Bedroom

Rear of House

Gazebo and Boat House

Rear Garden

Hot Tub House & Deck

Lake Livingston

This morning Lullene called, telling me that she was at the lake house and inviting me to have lunch with her there. I was sorry that Bill couldn't come this time but I had a good visit with Lullene. After lunch she took me to the club house and drove through the neighborhood a little. It is off Waterwood Parkway and FM 980. It was a 45-minute drive from Rainbow's End RV Park to their house.

It is a beautiful place at the end of a little peninsula on Lake Livingston. The main house is huge and of a very interesting architectural style. It is a semicircular shape, with the main entrance opening into an outer hallway. The actual entry door to the house opens into this hallway. On the back of the house is a long deck with an outdoor cooking area. It overlooks a gazebo and the boat house. To one side is a hot tub house with an upper deck overlooking Lake Livingston. The caretaker's house would make a fine home itself.

On the drive out there I saw this message on a church's marquee: Praying will give you a calm-plex.

During my visit with Lullene my attorney called to tell me that she had the first draft of my will finished. On the way home I stopped to get it. There were only a few minor changes. I took it back to her office and dropped it in the night depository so she'd have it first thing tomorrow morning. We hope to get everything done by the week end because she will be busy Monday and Tuesday and I plan to leave here no later than Wednesday morning.

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