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Kachina Bridge -- we didn't climb down to this one

Because this was behind us. . .

Sipapu Bridge -- we didn't climb down to this one either

because the storm was approaching . . .and rain. . .

and more rain. . .and maybe a small lightning fire?

and yet more rain.

Owachomo Bridge -- we did climb down to this one. . .

and saw this.

Reaching for the sky

Rock alcove

Sleeping rock

Hole in the wall

On the road to Torrey . . . several hills

. . .and rain. . .

and more rain.

Somehow I had remembered Blanding as a larger town than it is! We arrived on Saturday afternoon of Labor Day weekend, and the town had already rolled up the sidewalks for the weekend! The RV park was nearly deserted and we made the mistake of not going grocery shopping - the only store in town was closed on Sunday!

We drove over to Natural Bridges National Park on Sunday and took the overlook road around the park. There was thunder, lightning and rain threatening (and it actually did rain on us part of the way), so we didn't feel comfortable hiking down into the canyon to see all the bridges from the bottom. We did, however, go down to one and it's a pretty awesome experience. More interesting, however, in many ways, is the rock that you see all around you. There are alcoves, ridges, layers - all sorts of things that would be fascinating beyond belief to a geologist but are pretty darn interesting even to one who got a D in geology in college. As we left the park we actually saw what appeared to be SNOW (it's August, it was 68 degrees out) along the roadside. Can't explain it, but we had heard there had been hail - maybe something left from that. But it was strange.

We decided that we'd come back to Natural Bridges some other time when the weather and our energy levels were better. We spent Monday grocery shopping and just doing catch-up things around the RV. We're getting over our compulsion to "go see" something every day. The world won't come to an end if we miss a few good photographs from underneath a natural bridge, right?

As we got ready to leave Blanding Tuesday morning we added another lesson to our store of "on-the-road" training - we learned how to open the dump tanks manually. No more detail will be needed by our RVing friends or wanted by those of you who don't. All was well eventually and we took off for Torrey, our headquarters to explore Capitol Reef National Park.

The drive over to Torrey, along Highway 95, is an incredible journey through nature's wonders. At the east end of the road the cliffs are red, rugged and very high (making for some interesting ascents and descents along the road). We crossed the Colorado River again, this time at the very tippy-top of Lake Powell - you could definitely see the effects of prolonged drought at the edges and we think the Hite Marina is still closed - high and dry.

Before you get to Capitol Reef, you go through an amazing moonscape of grey, blue and white rocks, cliffs, mesas and rolling dune-like areas - a very eerie feeling, as if you'd come to the end of the earth and you're the only ones left - not even a lot of traffic on the road! More description and more pictures in the next post.

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