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Approaching the Juneau harbor

Walking the trail

Salmon in the creek

First view of the glacier

More of the glacier

Small ice flows

Near the glacier

Visitors Center

Near the salmon hatchery

Ready for the fire

At the salmon bake

Toasting marshmellows

Rick & Sherry

Ed & Marilyn clowning around

Sailing away from Juneau

Sail away sunset

One of the things we enjoy about having a cabin with a balcony is that we can sit outdoors, having coffee, while we watch the scenery go by, as the ship comes into port and docks at a new destination.

We enjoyed beautiful scenery as we sailed into Juneau, Alaska. Of course, the scenery is beautiful everywhere up here.

We had a big day planned, so we had breakfast delivered to the room at 7:30 AM. We had a shore tour of Mehndenhall Glacier planned, followed by a visit to a salmon hatchery and then a salmon bake in the forest.

The bus ride to the Glacier took us by some magnificent scenery and then we arrived at the glacier. We walked a trail which allowed us to observe salmon in the wild, and then walked another trail to the lookout point to observe the glacier. Wow!

I have no words adequate enough to describe the awesome, jaw dropping beauty we would see on this entire trip. I have pictures to post for you but they don't do justice to the reality, either.

I can just show you some pictures, and ask you to imagine it as being a thousand times better if you see it in person.

Then at the salmon bake, the smell of the pines and the wood smoke were wonderful We were welcomed as we got off the tour bus, by a cup of hot clam chowder, which was just great. We did have to stand in line for the salmon, which was being grilled over an open wood fire. It was so good! I ate four pieces of salmon, the clam chowder, beans, cole slaw, hot cider, blueberry cake, and then they had a fire pit where you could roast marshmellows. It was set among the tall pines with a rushing stream very close by, and only a short walk to a beautiful waterfall. What a wonderful tour!

Back in Juneau, the girls went shopping while Rick and I wasted our time enjoying the scenery and a cold drink. :)

Back on the ship, after a wonderful day, we enjoyed "French night" in the dining room.

At dinner, all of us except Rick had escargot as an appetizer. (We insisted that Rick order one but he simply made it available to the rest of us) That was followed by french onion soup, and an entre of frog legs, duck, or lamb chops. Of course you could always have salmon or steak. :) I believe the desert that evening was creme brule'.

After dinner we attended the comedy show and returned to our cabins a little after midnight, leaving the ship to the late night party goers. :)

One of the funny things which happened that night was that Rick slept on his chocolate. I know, I know, you must allow me to explain. Each night the cabin steward put a chocolate candy on your pillow when he turns down your bed. Rick, being exhausted from the long day, didn't notice the candy as he went right to bed and fell asleep. He said that, when he awoke the next morning, he walked out onto the balcony, and noticed when something fell off his face, hitting him on the shoulder, before falling to the deck. When he looked down, he noticed that it was a chocolate candy. I guess it was all over his pillow and his face. Sherry was quick to inform the cabin steward, letting him know that it was chocolate on the pillow. :) Too funny! Rick is such a nice guy, quiet and reserved. He just laughed it off and shared the story with all of us.

Well, it is time to get some pictures posted for you, of our adventures from the visit to Juneau. Hope you enjoy them.

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