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Coos Bay - Birds on Dock

Coos Bay - Boat

This morning I went to the coast at Coos Bay to see if there was anything of interest. There wasn’t much going on. At the fishing docks I saw a great many boats but no pretty or interesting ones. At another location I saw some birds on the dock and a couple of them let me come very close before they flew away.

On the way back to the RV park, I stopped at an RV dealer to buy some toilet chemicals. Very exciting, right? :>)

Back at the RV park I had plenty of time to do my laundry chores before my appointment with the ophthalmologist. In the laundry room I met a couple from Fresno, California. They had visited Kerrville and San Antonio, Texas. They spend several months here every year because they don’t like the summer heat in Fresno.

My visit with the ophthalmologist was very heartening. He found no evidence of the infection and the abrasions were healed. I was so happy and thankful!! He told me I could stop using the ointment and gave me some samples of over-the-counter eye drops to use instead of the ointment. He said I could start wearing my contact lenses but that I should start with short periods to see how my eyes would feel. He said that, if my eye should become irritated, I should remove the contacts immediately. He wrote a prescription for the same antiibiotic and ointment that I had so I could get refills if the infection should return. He also gave me a copy of his report for my regular ophthalmologist in Austin.

When I returned home, I hooked Sweet Pea up to Daisy so we could get an early start tomorrow.

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