The Muglin's Lighthouse in front and the Kish in the background..

A walk around the neighborhood..

What a place to walk...

The walk to the beach..

Awesome flowers..




The DART Railroad runs right through the neighborhood..

Path down to the beach..


It was quite a long way down to the water.. :-)

Too dangerous for us..

One more before our walk back..

More awesome flowers..


We enjoyed lunch at Roly's..

They have the best gourmet salad bar...




We are going to miss this beautiful area..


The harbor..


Last one!

This will be our last update from Dalkey. We love this awesome village and would definitely return. I am adding a few pictures of the area that didn’t make the other updates. We picked up the car today at the Dublin Airport and drove it back to Dalkey. Jerry did a good job of driving today, it was a bit scary but he did it. We will be driving down to a village near Wexford tomorrow. We have a cabin rented out in the country, we won’t have fast Wifi, I will update as soon as possible at one of the local Wifi spots if I can find one. If not, I will update later as soon as I can.

I am also adding a couple more lighthouses we saw in the area. The first one is Muglin’s Lighthouse, The locals regard it as more of a beacon than a lighthouse but it is officially a lighthouse. It started life as a white beacon in 1880 and then acquired its red stripe in 1883. In 1979, it was officially welcomed into the lighthouse fraternity.

The second one is the Kish Lighthouse. The Kish Bank is a shallow sand bank about seven miles off the coast of Dublin. It is marked by the Kish Lighthouse, a landmark well known to sailors and ferry passengers passing through Dublin Bay and Dún Laoghaire harbor. It was very foggy and you can barely see the Kish one, but I managed to get a quick shot of it. I hope you enjoy the pictures, check back later for more explorations around Wexford, Ireland and more.

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