Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Fat City - Tiffany Lamps Reflected in Mirror

Old Sacramento Street Scene (Through Windshield)

Sculpture - Pony Express Horse and Rider

This morning I called cousin Lana at home. She was in bed with a bad back. I spoke with her mother, Frances for a few minutes. Lana was scheduled to see a chiropractor later. I certainly hope that did the trick for her. I know about bad backs!!

Then I called my friend, Wanda, at home. She had turned her cell phone off last night, so she hadn't received my message. Anyway, we made plans for my visit to Madera after I leave Sacramento.

The biggest event of the day was a trip to Sears to have some maintenance done on Sweet Pea. I bought a new battery (8-year DH Gold) and four new tires. The old ones showed strange wear patterns so I had them do an alignment. While they were at it, I also had the oil changed and the 24-point inspection done. All this ought to keep Sweet Pea happy for quite a while.

Tonight Barb and I had dinner at Fat City in Old Sacramento. The building was the first one built when Sacramento was founded. The ceiling is filled with beautiful Tiffany lamps. I had their pot pie, which was delicious.

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