One of several beaches we stopped at on the drive today...

The next stop was amazing, Jerry had to hold on to his...

Warning signs..

People were swimming and walking on the beach..


The Hook Lighthouse in the distance..

Huge cliffs..

Beautiful beach and water...

Looking toward the left..

A wowser...

We passed by the most haunted house in Ireland on our drive..

The house in the distance..

Zoomed view..

Next stop was an awesome fishing village and Slade Castle..

Slade Castle..

The harbor..



People fishing on the slippery rocks ignoring the warning.. :-)

Pier Info..

Heading back toward the castle..

Another view..


Our next stop, we had awesome seafood chowder..


Our next stop was Duncannon, another cool beach town..

The harbor area..



The house across the bay had another lighthouse..

Last one, a view of the beach in Duncannon..

We are enjoying this fabulous part of Ireland. Everywhere we drive we run into something else to explore. One of our first stops today was Carnivan Bay. Carnivan Bay is a lovely beach that offers good protection from winds due to the height of its headland. Where we stopped we could see people down on the beach, we were looking from high above. We saw several warning about dangerous cliffs. We walked to the end of the path and were shocked at what we saw. It was beautiful and the winds were so strong Jerry almost lost his hat. :-) You could look across the bay and see the Hook Lighthouse in the distance. After this incredible view, our next stop was the Slade Castle.

Slade Castle is located in the picturesque fishing village of Slade on the Hook Peninsula in Co. Wexford. This remarkably well-preserved castle was built by the Laffan family. Of Anglo-Norman stock, the Laffans were among the first wave of colonists to arrive in Ireland after Richard de Clare’s (Strongbow) invasion of 1169/70. They quickly became established in Wexford and were ensconced at Slade since at least the 15th century. I am adding a picture that tells more of the story. We also passed right by the most haunted house in all of Ireland. I took a couple of pictures and left the area. Definitely not my cup of tea to tour haunted houses. I am adding a few pictures taken from a distance. :-)

We stopped for lunch at another famous restaurant and enjoyed a nice bowl of seafood chowder. Last, but not least, we drove to the beautiful seaside town of Duncannon. The area we toured today is known as the Cape Cod area of Ireland. We enjoyed our tour of the area, we will be driving down the coast to Dungarvan tomorrow, check back later for more adventures in Ireland.

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