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Our friends from home left for home today. This was the date they had planned to leave The Great Outdoors, but until 36 hours before it was cancelled, they were planning on driving to Fort Lauderdale and getting on a cruise to South America. Instead they are heading back to the frozen north with snow flurries in the forecast. We encouraged them to stay. Now that they have sold their trailer, we can easily share our campsite for a few more days before we have to leave. It would be nice to stay on ourselves, but our campsites are scheduled to go back into the rental pool. We spent most of the afternoon getting our site ready to be rented, power washing our site that is under the live oaks with Spanish Moss hanging on them. We love their shade and the woodsy camping feeling we get when we stay there, but where the sun never shines, the mold begins to grow in this moist climate.

We have a visit with my sister and an appointment for a service call for the motor home planned after we leave. Our family visit has already been severely impacted. We all decided that our nieces and their children bring too many variables into the equation germ-wise for geezers and their susceptibility to the virus. We'll all be doing a lot of sheltering in place.

There were a number of things we still planned to do in this, our last week here. But they have all been cancelled. Another SpaceX launch was scheduled for this morning. We left the campground at 6am to drive to the national seashore before it was shut down for the launch. I don't quite understand the reasoning. We're not supposed to be that close - less than three miles away - in case the rocket explodes and spews burning metal bits. But the authorities look the other way as long as you get there early enough before the road to the beach closes. The beach area is vast. Social distancing happened naturally and we watched a beautiful sun rise and children playing in the waves. At the scheduled launch moment we heard a giant explosion and saw a cloud rise from the launch pad. At the last moment the launch was cancelled too for technical reasons. It figures!

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