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This afternoon Wayne Roberts brought me a Yamaha PSR E-253 keyboard, which was a gift from Grant Collier, the music director at church. I had told Grant about the problem with my old Roland E35 keyboard and asked him for recommendations on a good music instrument store in the area. (There aren’t any such stores in Livingston.) Instead, he told me I could have a keyboard in his office, which he is no longer using. He told me that, when I have finished with it, I should just pass it on to someone else.

Since the Yamaha didn’t come with a sustain foot switch, I was very happy to find that the one I had been using with the Roland would work on the Yamaha. Also, there was no user’s manual with it so I went to Yamaha’s Web site and downloaded the manual. I registered the keyboard so I could download the free song book, which has the sheet music to all ninety of the pre-recorded songs on the keyboard. The instrument has 385 voices, many of which I’ll never use, but I still have enough choices. I printed the voice list so I can highlight the ones that I like.

I think I will enjoy using the Yamaha. My old Roland (purchased in the mid-1990s) had served me well for all these years, so I guess I can’t complain about its demise.

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