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How about that?

just so you know

from viewing platform

off road side

couple out there in shoes

car on the flats did figure 8s

East view from Walmart

island in Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City from Salt Lake

little sunflowers or black-eyed susans

bird with a nice song

salt-loving plants

young prong-horn antelope!

more of them!

starting to grow horns

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Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

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Great Salt Lake - South side

Before heading East this morning, I traveled back west about 8 miles to see the California Trail Interpretive Center. However, the gates are closed and it is only open from Wednesday - Saturday from 9:30 - 4:30. But - they had brochures at a kiosk and now I know it is run by both the NPS and the BLM and the USFS! The California trail goes from Kansas City, Missouri to California and Oregon. Because of the gold rush, other trails were forged and the map I have shows many trails to California! I-80 follows a big part of the California Trail, so it makes sense that the Interpretive Center is along this major highway.

I-80 was still a pretty good road without many hills and bumps. My next major site was coming over a pass in Nevada to the border and coming down into Utah. I really wanted a place to stop at the top of the hill so you could see all the fields of white that I saw. The closest place was a rest stop about 11 miles in but that was interesting! It overlooks the Bonneville Salt Flats where the measured mile is for car races and tests. I saw a van out there but then I watched a fancy black car go onto the flats from the west-bound rest area! It was doing circles around cones with someone watching out there when I left. I probably should have taken my shoes off and walked out onto the salt on our side of the highway, since there was a foot wash!

After that, I got back into the desert and bare mountains and spots with juniper trees. But, about 40 miles from my destination, I came around a bend and saw the Great Salt Lake in the distance and more salt flats in front of me! There were piles of salt at a couple of factories and I wish that at least one of them would have a section open to the public to explain what they did - like in Canada! I have to look and see if the salt I saw up there is in line with the salt I see here!

I picked a Wal-Mart to stay at that is on the mountain at the south end of Salt Lake City and I wish the view west was better than it is to see the lake or downtown. The city isn't on the lake, like I thought it would be! After getting parked, I went 20 miles back West to see the Great Salt Lake State Park, hoping to learn something. The marina was still open for about an hour but tey were still going to charge a fee. So I turned around and drove on a road parallel to I-80 and found a pull-out with a trail out into the mud flats but not to the water. They had plaques there to tell of migrating plovers and plants and animals that love salt. I walked almost to the edge and took that full-circle video. While that is okay, you still have to see it to be amazed at the glory of the place.

When I got back to my car, I wouldn't start or even make a noise again!!! I was kind of afraid this time because the front of the car wasn't facing out and it was getting towards night. But it started when I put it in Neutral, so I am safe for the night! I still think I didn't need a new battery - something else is going on! I didn't try to start the car in neutral in the campground last week, but it was in neutral on the tow truck. The service station said the car started up fine about 3 times when it was taken off the truck! Bet it was in neutral! So now I have to find a Honda dealer and talk to them about the problem!

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