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Red Shouldered Hawk (taken with phone)

Limestone hut



Armadillo #1 front

Armadillo #1 back view

Armadillo #2

Dead wild boar (notice the large tusks)

For the third week in a row, I won at bingo again last night. I'm definitely having a lucky streak! This morning, the campground offered breakfast again (every other Wednesday, just for the winter Texans). They served bacon, two different egg casseroles, diced roasted potatoes (they said it was Cracker Barrel's recipe), French toast, and yogurt with granola and fruit. All you could eat for $5. Such a deal! And everything was very good. After all that food, neither one of us was feeling very motivated, so we decided to blow off the chores and take a drive. We found a new (for us) two-hour long loop through the hill country. Along the way, we saw the roadrunner and many exotic animal ranches (but most of the animals were tucked away deep in the brush). There was also a wildlife management area and we decided to take the detour and go through it. Bill drove past about ten miles of nothingness, and we had begun to think it was a big waste of time. Then I spotted a large armadillo running up to my side of the car. I was afraid Bill would run over it (he couldn't see it), so I yelled for him to stop. He slammed on the brakes, and the coffee that he was straddling in his lap tipped and poured hot coffee all down his leg and into his sock and shoe. The armadillo stopped just before it got to the road and was on the shoulder, eating grass. I was able to get out of the car and snap some pictures before it trotted off into the brush. Shortly after we got back on the main road, we spotted a second, smaller armadillo also eating on the side of the road. These were our first sightings of live armadillos in the hill country! A few miles further down the road we saw the dead feral hog alongside the road. It was easily four feet long, and probably close to 100lbs. The lives ones are incredibly dangerous and destructive to vegetation. Several times along the drive we whiffed fresh skunk smells. Their mating season will be here in just a few weeks, and then every night will get stinky when they get hit crossing the main roads. The forecast here tomorrow is 76 degrees! Shorts for sure!

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