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Adams park run

The old post office

Bird cage art

First sight of the Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge reflecting off the Opera House

The apartment where we are staying

Brilliant Chocolate choice over here

We were firstly very impressed with the luxurious accommodation we had booked. We had a room along with a private bathroom in a very lovely two storey apartment. Adam decided to do the Sydney park run this involved a three kilometre run to get the park run itself, turns out all the walking we have been doing has not kept him fit although the run its self was beautiful.

We decided to start our first day in Sydney on a free walking tour of the city. This tour was very informative, it started in front of the back to front St Andrews Cathedral. It was built to open out onto a road years ago which over time is now part of the pedestrian zone making the main entrance open out to nowhere. The tour took us past the Queen Victoria building which was built and then refurbished recently. There is a statue of Queen Victoria and her dog out the front which were both from Island and about to be put into storage so Australia decided to take them and put them here. We saw the old post office which was built to compete with Big Ben. It is now mainly shops as they no longer need a Post Office that big. A side alley took us to some lovely looking restaurants and some street art where bird cages hung outside to represent the noises of the birds that used to live in Sydney before they were forced out to make way for the skyscrapers.

We took a short cut through Hyde Park, past the old rum hospital half of which is still a hospital today, past the cafe were a gun man opened fire a few years ago down to Sydney harbour. What a beautiful view, we couldn't believe we where standing looking out over the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The Opera House was built by Jorn Utzon a Danish man who submitted a design into a competition and won. It turned out because it was costing so much and the government was looking at saving some money the Australian government decided to stop paying him. Jorn then packed up his belongings and left Australian, the government to add salt to the wound then asked him to come back to work under a handful of Australian architects they had appointed. The Jorn refused never returning to Sydney, the irony being the Opera House took a lot longer to build and cost 104 million instead of 7 million. Sadly on the opening night the Australian government did not invite Jorn who never saw the Opera House completed and died November 2008. The Harbour Bridge was the widest bridge in the world until recently when Canada built a wider one.

We then decided to join the free tour that took us around the Rocks, this area like it suggests was an area full of rocks. Mainly were the working class families and convicts would live. Now it is a lively area with lots of old styled buildings, restaurants and bars making for a beautiful walk around.

We walked up Suez Canal which was used back in the day as a sewage canal. We walked past three old houses which still stand as they used to when they were first built. We walked past what is claimed to be the oldest pub in Sydney where young men would go in for a drink, pay for one then get given the rest for free. Once they were drunk enough they would knock them out, tie them up and push them through a trap door into the cellar. They would then be wheeled down to a boat where they would wake up the next day in the middle of the ocean and be forced to become sailors. The tour ended on a beautiful lookout point were fruit bats hung from the trees. The southern cross constalation shone above us at which we were told these are the stars that make up the Australian flag. We were also lucky to have an astronomer in our group who pointed out Jupiter and Saturn.

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