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My Friends

Liz, Helen, and Sue

Bev and Sue

Bev, Sue and Ron

Playing in "Tuna" Creek

Launching for the Float

Each year that we have visited Bettum’s Campground there has been significant improvement and growth. Our site, 19, is now graveled and level.

Midway on our short trip to Lewis Run, we stopped in Jamestown we had lunch with Sue’s sister, Dottie, and her husband, David. We parked at Wal Mart and had lunch at a nearby Olive Garden.

While in Lewis Run we had nice visits with Sue’s sisters, Liz and Helen, and friends, Bev and Ron Vinca, and Debbie and John Place.

The campground is on Big Shanty Road. It is a hilly road that I use for runs. Along the route are three friends that I see on each run.

There was an interesting event going on in Bradford as the annual Tunungwant Creek float took place. The locals call it “Tuna” Creek. Sue and I visited a launch site and then joined Liz at her apartment. I became obsessed with path of the creek because it seemed to be flowing eastward and north instead of westward and south as I expected.

After some research, the three of us set out on a drive to find the mouth of the creek. We drove a back road paralleling the northward flowing creek. To the increasing discomfort of Sue and Liz, the road deteriorated into a one lane dirt path. But we did make it to the point where the creek flows into the Allegheny River as it flows west before turning south toward Pittsburgh. I was pleased and the women were relieved as we turned around and headed for dinner.

Sue continues to be somewhat immobile as we head for a repair stop near Buffalo and then on to the Canadian border.

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