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The gremlins have been working double overtime in my rig lately. A couple of new electrical-related problems have cropped up this week. I don’t know whether they are related to the recent power surge in Fredericksburg or not. The coincidence is striking, though.

Last night the fluorescent light above my bed suddenly made a metallic sound and went dark. Today I changed the bulbs; but that didn’t make any difference, so I re-inserted the old bulbs. They don’t have any signs of burn-out, so it probably is the fixture itself.

Yesterday my microwave oven was sounding strange and would just barely get part of the food warm. Today it quit altogether. It makes a loud noise and I can smell what I think is burning plastic. It is original equipment, which means that it is over 16 years old.

I called RV Specialists to add these two items to my work order. The tech is scheduled to come a week from tomorrow. He will address the overhead light and the microwave oven issues. The inverter manufacturer denied coverage for the inverter because it is less than a year old and the symptoms indicate either water damage or a power surge. I know for sure that there was no water damage so I’m guessing that the power surge in Fredericksburg recently is the culprit. We are going to wait until January to address the inverter issue again and hope that my extended service warranty will cover at least part of the cost of replacement, since it will be outside the manufacturer’s warranty period.

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