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Young Wolf

Fox spotting

Bowie cooling off

August 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th

From Dawson we head south to Moose Creek where we are one of only 3 campers in the whole site. Not long after leaving the campground we spot a large wolf crossing the highway and just as we approach the point where we thought he disappeared into the woods he is standing there posing for a photo. We got some great shots. Further down the road we earn some good karma points when we stop to help a fellow traveller with a flat tire. Got talking to the couple from California who had been on the road for 3 months already and from then on we meet them again at rest stops along the hwy to Whitehorse. By the time we arrive at the Fox Lake campground about 35 Kms north of Whitehorse the campground is almost full, this is a huge change for us. We must be close to civilization! The next morning we are again rewarded with the siting of another wolf and again he stops long enough for us to get some great shots of him before he disappears in the bush. Next day is pouring rain but we are only planning on a stop to look after the essentials in Whitehorse.. We have officially passed the 8,000Km mark! When we stop just outside of Whitehorse the temperature is very cold and for the first time since early in the trip we put on the heater inside and bundle in coats (and gloves for me) outside. On our third morning our luck still holds for wildlife spotting and we spy a small red fox crossing the road and he too waits for us to come closer and poses for a picture (all three critter pictures will be attached I hope). We decide to take just a short travelling day and end up at Teslin Lake in the only repeat campground this entire trip. We stopped so early that we get the prime spot and give Bowie a change for a run on the beach and swim in the lake. A woman was cleaning salmon at the lake shore and when I asked her if she caught them in Teslin Lake she told us there are hardly any fish left in Teslin Lake (this lake is 85 kms long and 2 kms wide) and the fish were brought to her from Atlin where she said “they have better conservation practices” then the Yukon does! In contrast to yesterday it is hot and sunny and we spend a lazy afternoon reading and taking it easy. From Teslin we travel to just outside of Watson Lake on the only section of hwy that we are travelling for the second time. Just a note, Yukoners seem to feel that the lines painted on the hwy are just guidelines! It they want to pass you they just go and on-coming traffic be damned! It is hard to believe that it was a month ago we were here, so much has happened in between. The drive is just as stunning in the reverse and the weather has cooperated. Watson Lake is our last stop in the Yukon. From here the Alaska hwy dips down into BC. We have enjoyed every minute of our time here and would definitely return!

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