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This afternoon I saw Dr. Peña to discuss possible pain management procedures. After he had thoroughly reviewed my records, he concluded that he would not be able to help me. I asked him if an MRI would be helpful in identifying the cause of my pain. Instead, he recommended another doctor who may be able to help me. One thing Dr. Peña did that totally blew me away was to refund my co-payment and cancel the insurance claim! He thought it wouldn’t be right to waste my time and to charge for the visit. That’s a first for me.

Dr. Peña’s nurse applied my Aspercreme Lidocaine pad for me. She said they often recommend these pads to their patients.

As I was leaving the doctor’s office, I met Val White at the elevators. What a surprise that was! She was feeling very sad because Woody had to be put down. He was such a cute little dog. We decided to meet at McDonald’s for an ice cream sundae.

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