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Fortuna, CA - Riverwalk RV Park - site 10

Fortuna, CA - Riverwalk RV Park - site 10, another view

Fortuna, CA - Riverwalk RV Park - site 10, and another

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA - our route - 137 miles

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 1 - as we head north on US...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 2

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 3 - entering Willits, CA

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 4 - pretty roses at the Episcopal Church...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 5 - laying some asphalt

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 6 - stopped for about 10 minutes as...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 7 - following the "follow me truck"

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 8 - a million curves, some tight, on...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 9 - up and down the hills, only...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 10 - now that's some real logs

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 11 - some big redwoods on the drive

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 12

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 13 - some really big redwoods in this...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA 14 - the Eel River was beside us...

Downtown Loleta and there isn't much more than this

The community church in Loleta

Where we had our very nice anniversary dinner of lasagna - pretty...

Ukiah to Fortuna, CA was a 139 mile trip today along US 101 the whole way. It should have been only 137 miles but I missed my turn at the RV park and had to go a couple of miles to get back! We experienced a lot of constructions zones today with two or three down to one way traffic and delays of about 10 minutes at each as we waited our turn. Other than that the roads were much smoother today with only a few short sections of rough roads.

We did travel through the redwoods today as this portion of US 101 is called the Redwood Highway. We also made this same drive in 2013 so nothing new this time but the huge trees along the highway through the Richardson Grove are still impressive. On that 2013 trip we thoroughly explored the redwoods and didn't feel the need for a repeat.

We are staying at the Riverwalk RV Park just as you enter Fortuna near the Eel River. There is too much foliage in the park to see the river but the map shows it to be there none the less! :) We have a 50 amp, full hookup, pull-through with good Verizon and a clear sighting to the satellite, at least in this site. There are a lot of trees so many sites would not get satellite but we had requested satellite friendly when we made reservations and they held one for us. The sites are fairly narrow like most parks on the coast but, other than that, the park is very nice and has a lot of amenities we will not use but others would probably enjoy. Starting with this entry I am going to start including a link for the RV park and will also try to go back to earlier entries and add it as well. Perhaps this will help some of you if you want more info on the park.

On Tuesday we made the short trip over to Loleta so we could visit the Loleta Cheese Factory again and Doris could stock up on her favorite garden cheese that she has only been able to find there. After leaving there we ventured a little farther up 101 to Eureka so we could find an Italian restaurant to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary which really isn't until tomorrow, May 11th, but we will be in Brookings, OR tomorrow and they don't really have any Italian places. We had our customary lasagna and enjoyed it very much and have enough left to eat it again tomorrow, our real anniversary!

As mentioned, we head for Brookings, OR tomorrow where we will spend the next month - our first of three monthly stops on the Oregon coast.

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