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Look at the snow capped Mts. reminded us of Calgary

This is our stop

Fianlly after many tries found a parking spot we could fit into....

Yikes. We have to walk up there. Thank goodness we parked 1/2...

Wandering the streets looking for the Castle

Imagine living here. A scooter wouldn't be much help

Just one narrow street after another. They meander every which wasy.

It was like a maze

We made it. Right beside this plaque a sign

Very appropriate. One of the only concessions to the older adult.

The actual entrance

Another climb up to the ramparts



Very steep staircase. My size 10's didn't fit.

A view from the top. Monaco in the distance.

Another view from the top of Castle

Very neat terraced home.

Their is our vehicle.

We sat at far right. Great view.

Artist rendition of our luncheon patio

Monaco, check out hotel in upper right. This was view at lunch

What a view from that raised patio

Looking up at the Palace from the patio

Heading downhill to our vehicle

The country side changed dramatically as we traveled the coast to San...

About to enter one of many tunnels along the coastal route.

The longest tunnel was 2.5 Km.

Out first view of San Remo

On our way to Italy but first we had to stop in the little seaside town of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. As in most of these medieval towns its streets were steep and treacherous due to the innumerable , very steep steps. (there are NO provisions for the older adult, I wonder where they live). Fortunately, we found a parking spot quite close to the top (The sign said camper cars forbidden beyond this point), so the climb to the Palace wasn’t as arduous as it could have been.

This castle was probably built in the 10th century. In 1528 Augustin Grimaldi tried to make it less austere and more comfortable. Can't imagine what it looked like before. It's raison d'etre was military and its design to minimize manpower. In the 16th Century for example the garrison consisted of one castellan (a sort of non-commissioned officer) and six crossbowmen.

The views from the top of the Fortress were in the "Ah" and “WOW” category. It was fun, despite the stairs, touring this medieval structure.

Lunch was on the patio of a very luxurious hotel overlooking Monaco and the sea. Again the local wine enhanced our meal. One of the better Mother’s Days meals we have enjoyed.

Certainly when it comes to scenery.

As we entered into Italy (country border crossings are less remarkable than crossing into Ontario or Kansas. At least there you are welcomed.) One couldn't help but notice the difference in terrain as we traveled down the coast. Almost scrub land now. Every hill is terraced and covered vines or agriculture of some sort are grown there.

Tunnels are quite spectacular in their size and length. It seems to me a much more daunting task to build than laying some railroad ties across our countries.

What a delightful surprise when we finally found our campground. (It wasn't easy)

The main buildings were on the top level and the RV's were parked on terraces sloping to the sea. I could sit in the front seat and watch the boats and ships go by.

I was going to enjoy it here!

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