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Today's route

Snow on its way, but trees are starting to bud in SC

Statues of "Doc" Blanchard as a boy, at West Point, and a...

Pigs at a BBQ joint

Out of business video poker parlors in McColl, SC

Snow left over from the last snow fall in NC

Eiffel Tower at the Bordeaux Shopping Center in Fayette, NC

BBQ truck, maybe a use for Winnie if we get a newer...

Advertisement for truck towing service along I95

Winnie at RVacationland RV Park

We moved further north today. We stopped at RVacation Park in Selma, NC. We've stayed here quite a few times in previous trips north and south. Our route today started on I20, but I left it and got on US 15 and US 401. Ac couple of interesting things to see along the route. Bishopville is the hometown of "Doc" Blanchard, the first junior to win the Heisman Trophy in 1945. He was "Mr. Inside" to Glenn Davis who was "Mr. Outside" at the US Military Academy. He graduated in 1946 and had a successful career in the US Air Force. In the Vietnam War, Blanchard flew 113 missions from Thailand, 84 of them over North Vietnam. The city of Bishopville honored Blanchard with 3 bronze statues, one representing as a child, one as a football player at West Point, and one as an Air Force pilot. The town is also "famous" for alleged sightings of a reptile-like monster in and near a swamp called Scape Ore Swamp. Didn't see him.

Not far up the road in McColl, SC there was a string of abandoned buildings that upon further investigation were video poker parlors. McCoy is on the SC/NC border and in the 1990's video poker was apparently legal in South Carolina so numerous video poker parlors were opened in towns along the border. There were nine McColl. On July 1, 2000, video poker became illegal in SC and all nine closed. Not sure why the state decided to do away with video poker, but these building have been empty for nearly 15 years with none being repurposed in that time.

Global warming is battering the south. Another snow-sleet-ice storm is making it's way across the south and is predicted to hit North Carolina tonight. It looks like we'll be pretty close to the dividing line between rain and snow. They're predicting 1-2 in below and 3-5 above the line. Further up I95 they are supposed to get 6-9 in. We'll see what the night brings. Stay tuned.

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