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Today I had a nice surprise in the mail. It was a check for $50 from Ascension Health Ministry of Indianapolis. I had no idea who they were and why they would be sending me money so I was a little suspicious of the check, thinking that it could be a scam of some sort. I checked them out online and then called their service center and learned that the check is legitimate. It is to reimburse me for my co-payment for a visit over a year ago at the Seton Medical Center Hays in Kyle. I could use a few more surprises like that.

Another good thing happened today. I began working on a special project for a man in my church. He and his siblings are preparing a book of prints of their father’s oil and watercolor paintings. Their father is aged 92 and still painting! They want a spreadsheet of buyers of his paintings and people who participated in his art classes. His records are in folders in a big box. I am going through each folder looking for those people’s names and entering the data into the spreadsheet. One of the nice things about this is that I can do it at home whenever it is convenient for me and the extra income certainly will come in handy for me.

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