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Preparing for this trip has been a challenge. A great opportunity came along that diverted our attention from thinking about what to pack and making the final arrangements as we travel from Narita airport to downtown Tokyo to Yokohama to board the cruise ship. We’re leaving home a few days early to insure that the worst of the jet lag is over before the cruise begins, thus the extra moving around. Given our linguistic challenges in Japan, we hope to have taken care of as much ahead of time as possible, but we’ve probably forgotten something, because we have not been focusing.

Instead we ended up thinking more about the other way we like to travel - by RV. Realistically we have about ten more years to RV and while we love our current motor home and have renovated it to just the way we like, it probably doesn’t have ten more years of reliable driving left in it without leaving us by the side of the road at some inopportune moment. So Ken has been watching the ads, looking for a newer replacement. He saw a great one in Missouri, but it was such a good deal, it was already sold by the time he contacted the owner. So when he saw another in Grand Rapids, Michigan he made a quick appointment and we drove up there last week, bought it and drove home all in the same day. We have gone to many RV shows over the years and the dealer posted so many photos of it on his website, there was little left that we didn’t already know about it. Buying it was an easy decision.

Our new (to us) motor home is the same kind that we have now, but a 2012 with only 12,000 miles on it. The dealer was selling it on consignment for the owner who lowered the price a bit more after some haggling. It is so clean and new looking, you could eat out of the sewer compartment. It doesn’t suit us perfectly, but to get perfect we would have to get one custom made and pay 40% more. Since we had so little time before this trip, we left it with the dealer and will drive back to Grand Rapids to bring it home after we return from Japan. It would have made life simpler if we had turned in the old one, but the trade in price the dealer offered was pitiful and this will give us time to empty it out, shift over any gizzmos we want to hang on to, and sell it ourselves. There will be lots to look forward to when our Japanese adventure is over. It will be fun to spend the rest of the summer making or new home away from home just the way we like it.

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