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Carpe Diem and Carpe Dinkum at HWH Service

Carpe awaits some TLC in an HWH service bay

Tue, 27 May: Happy Birthday to Brother Mickey. Welcome to the seventies!!!

Today was another short day, a mere thirty miles from the Corps of Army Engineers Shady Creek campground on the banks of the Mississippi to the HWH Factory Service facility in nearby Moscow. Sandi did the honors leaving the campground on IA 22, back thru Muscatine to IA 38 north to Interstate 80, and then one exit west to the HWH facility.

We pulled into HWH a tad before ten and got checked in. Our appointment was for tomorrow morning but Ashley informed us that there may be an available service tech later in the day. We parked the coach in a courtesy spot with 50 amp power and drove the car to Iowa City for a Costco "fix".

Shortly after returning from Costco we got "the call" from Ashley that a tech was available. We got Carpe ready to roll and pulled her into bay #4 a bit before two. As this is written we are sitting in the customer waiting room awaiting the diagnosis...

Update HWH did it again!!! Carpe was in and out of service in just over two hours. A bit after four we backed her out of the service bay and into her overnite parking site (with 50 amp power!) Ashley, the very efficient lady that runs the office had to run off for a little league baseball game so she asked if we'd mind settling up in the morning. Heck no!

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