Road Trip 2013 travel blog

Good morning!

The playground...Dave & Keely are having fun!

Morning walk by the river...

Paddling our you know what's off!

Paddle boat parking spot. Shh don't give away our secret!

Campground from the boat.

Goldie Goldfinch on shore.

The park beach.

The SS Excercise Ship!

My water lilies.

Where's my supper...I'm so hungry!

Looks sooo good!!

It don't get no better-n this!

Mostly sunny and near 80 with light wind.

Hung out today and just darn well would have thought that we were retired? Naw, not yet!

This morning we had breakfast and a walk in the park!

This afternoon we went out for some essentials and on our return decided that we needed some exercise after all that driving. So, up to the office we went and rented a paddled boat. Now that was a first for the both of us! I have to say that it was a riot! Pip (my Dad) would have loved that we had to peddle our you know what off to get no where fast!

One of the essentials that we just had to have was fresh corn on the cob. We watched it growing in the fields on our way up! It's been way too long!!! Boy, was that umm sooo good grilled!

All is good in the neighborhood and we are all hitched and ready to go first thing in the morning! Nicki texted, "The coffee will be hot!".

Love to all and to all a good night!

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