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Today we say goodbye to Switzerland and say hello to Germany. We woke to an absolutely glorious day - clear skies, bright sunshine, crisp cold air. It promised to be one of our better driving days.

As we climbed higher away from Lucerne towards Basel (and the border), the roads became enveloped in thick fog, and there was evidence of thick snow falls on the slopes. Soon we were nearing Basel and the border crossing. We felt for sure that the German crossing guards would pull us over to at least inspect and stamp our passports - no such luck. we pulled in and stopped, waited for five minutes before it became apparent that no one was interested - how disappointing.

Just over the border, the skies cleared once again and the presence of snow became less apparent. We thought we had left the snow behind in Switzerland - wrong!!

Once again we began climbing towards our first destination of the day - Freiburg. Snow falls were once again evident on the roads and fields.

It wasn't long before we were going thru Freiburg (

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