Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2013 travel blog

Our campsite at R & R Campground

This is one BIG steer! No, we didn't go to Chef Louie's...

The Corn Palace (the turrets don't have corn or grain on them)

They're starting to take the corn and stuff off now.

One of the daily trains that came through...hauling all hopper (grain) cars

Saw this on one of our drives.

Pretty neat


Late on the road today…11:30…but we only have 45 miles to go to Mitchell, SD and that 45 miles took us about 1 hour. This is something I don’t understand because I drive 60 mph on the interstate and 41 of those miles were on the interstate. Oh well, whatever.

Pulled into the R & R Campground and RV Park at 12:30 and all set up by 12:45. The main reason we stopped here was to see the Corn Palace and, originally, to go to Madison although that trip was dropped since we did it from Montrose instead.

This is a nice little campground, hidden behind the Super 8 Motel. There’s a train track about 100’ from the campground but it’s below the campground level. Since there are no RR crossings near us, you don’t hear the whistle except in the distance. And one train comes through a day, rather slowly. Really sort of neat.

I really don’t remember doing a whole lot while we were here. Went to see the Corn Palace but didn’t go in. It is really neat on the outside though. The second day we drove by, they were starting to remove all the corn and grasses. I guess the building goes naked over the winter. Did my daily geocaching. Did some shopping (but of course!). That’s it, I guess.

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