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On the drive to NC

Cousin Mike Drove

Toni's art is cool

At the Wright Momument

Eating soft shelled crab, Yum

Walking the Dune

Today my cousins took us to Nagshead, NC. First we went to my cousin Toni’s art gallery. We also went to the Wright memorial. We started with the museum. They actually had a piece of the original plane. After that we went outside. We saw the rail that the first heavier-than-air flight started on. After that we saw the monument. It had two bronze statues of Wilber and Orville. Next we went to a restaurant called The Black Swan, I tried calamari and soft shell crab and they were AWESOME. Still later we went to the tallest sand dune in North America, Jockey Ridge. It was 110 ft tall. Dang, that's big. And we climbed it. It wasn’t steep, but it did take a long time to scale. Nagshead is a windy place: imagine grains of sand blowing against your legs at 40 miles per hour. Ouch. Don’t get me wrong, the view was great. It was a fun filled day. Sam

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