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Inside the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Ft. Mcleod, AB Interpretive Center

Into MT, every town has a grain elevator

from farm field to oil field in Williston, MT

Boom town housing near Williston, MT they can't put them up fast...

OK, Everybody...if I do this now we'll be up to date!!!

Sorry if there's some confusion in this journal...that's what happens when a confused mind (mine) clashes with interrupted Wifi...all I can tell you is that everything is true, if not in perfect order of occurrence!

Our last stay in BC was at a nice campground along Oldman River (its real name). We'd called a different camp gound but were told that they were full. We did get the last site at Daisy May Campground in Ft. Macleod, BC. Before we left there we went to see Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a Buffalo Jump-where the Blackfeet Indians had sent herds of buffalo to their deaths for more than 5000 years. The archeology about the place is facinating. The interpretive center was set up in 6 floors, going down from the jump site chronologically on each floor to the present time. It is a UNESCO site because it is so ancient and was used for so long. The process of herding the buffalo, getting them to go over the jump (before the use of horses), killing them, processing the animals and using all of the beast in so many ways was shown in movies and the exhibits. Wonderfully done.

From here on the 21st we left and drove to Havre, MT. We got into the states with no problem at the border, other than the Border Patrol guy thought we lived in AK. He had to walk around to check the plates after we handed him our passports and told him that we lived in Keene, NY. The license plates are that similar!

Stayed in Havre (pronounced Have -er) the rest of Sat and all of Sunday. Joe nursed his cold with sleep and I did laundry, in an air conditioned laundry room yet! Since it was 91 degrees outside I hung out in the laundry room, reading "Mornings on Horseback" about Teddy Roosevelt-very interesting....

We left Havre yesterday and drove the whole day ending up in Rugby, ND. The reason for this long haul is oil. The western part of ND is jammed with oil boom towns. If you know anyone in need of a job tell them to head here. The only problem seems to be housing. All of the RV parts for 160 miles are filled and tons of housing-looking like military barracks mostly have been brought in. The place is crawling with trucks, earth moving equipment, oil rigging stuff and men-single women...this is your new haven!!! Will tell you more about this when we get home.

Anyway, we spent last night in a small motel/campground Oakwood, where Jean and Gary Dickerson stayed on their trek to AK. Adequate showers but we only really wanted to plug in and use their power for air conditioning last night. That whole 89-91 degree thing is not fun to us. The oil field motel residents left early and we're easing into the day. It's much quieter, more farm land once you get past Minot, ND. We were told by a local (at the gas pumps) that no matter where you are on Rt 2 you hear the trains. This is soooo true since many towns here were begun when the Great Northern RR was built. It's not so bad a thing to the distance.

Anyway, I think we're caught up for now. Heading for Bemidji, MN today...only about 5 hrs of driving time. See we are heading EAST!

Love to you all,

Ingrid, Joe & Colden

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