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Barb and Bill/Devil's Tower Wy

Boondocks Cafe,SD/Bill's first car

Barb and Bill/Boondocks, SD

Jackie/Devil's Tower

Climbers on Devil's Tower

Prairie Dogs near Devil's Tower







Had breakfast, checked our wet clothes to get all dry. Off we went by 10am. We were going through our nearest town, Hill City, when a deer just sauntered across main street, seemingly unconcerned with traffic. Naturally traffic stopped. It is a 120 mile

trip to Devil's Tower. On our way we passed beautiful Lake Pactola. Gorgeous!! We saw the "Sugar Shack", a hamburg, ice cream joint. Behind it was a GIANT glider. You could

climb up stairs and sit in it for a photo op. From there we went to "Boondock" It was a place of 50's-60's memorabilia. There were several different Studebakers. Bill's 1st car was a '48 Nash. They had a '50. Very similar. Jackie & I took many photos. Had a coke and continued our trip. From there we went to "Deadwood" where the "motorcycle gang" spent the weekend. Jackie wanted us to see what we had missed over the weekend. It is a gambling town. The majority of the town is new & all brick. Several years back there was a huge fire that destroyed so much. When they rebuilt, they used mostly brick. Several casinos are a part of the town.

We picked up I-90 and on to Devil's Tower. The skies were very dark. We drove in and out of showers. Weatherman said it would clear by noon and we traveled on. We saw our first glimpse of it about 12:30pm. We crossed into Wyoming. Another new state for Bill & I. When we arrived at the entrance of the park, we visted a large gift shop. All 3 of us got T-Shirts. We went across the road & had lunch. Then we went into the park. Bill's Senior National Park Pass got all 3 of us in :).

The tower was an active volcano millions of yrs ago. Over the yrs, the exterior stone eroded away leaving only the lava tube, or core. There is a large base made up of stone

boulders that fell as it eroded. The central core rises 865 ft above the base. The core is a sheer vertical climb. We saw 5 "crazy" climbers going up. They looked like

little ants on that huge rock. There was a walking trail around the base. Bill said he could walk it. The first 100 yds were very steep, but we took it slowly. We Took many stops for photos. When we were sure we were almost back to our starting point, we rounded a curve to discover a sign. It said, "You are now 1/2 way to your starting point. Boy were we surprised. No choice but to continue on. We let Bill set the pace.

We made it. :) It took us 2 hrs. It was 1.5 miles around. That was not what the doc

intended when he said walk, I am sure. Oh well. We are home again, resting & watching a

DVD since we do not have Satelite. It was a great day!! Jackie & Harry are both going out of their way to show us all there is to see. They are making this trip exciting for us. We are so thankful for the opportunity. This is all new to us.

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