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Our idyll on the beach was brought to an unhappy end by the arrival of a cold front which took the temperatures from the low 80º's to the high 40º's. The winter coat I haven't worn since we left home, came back out of the closet. The cold front was ushered in by strong wind gusts of up to 50mph. We watched the waves trying to get to shore and being pushed back out again. The sand swirled around us and the slide covers flapped. Note to self: Don't put Chapstick on your lips or contact lenses in your eyes before you go out in a sand storm. As Ken drove the motor home off the beach without hesitation I tried to do the same with the car. Once I got the door open it took all the strength I had to close it again in the strong wind. But we were happy to see that except for the sand we had tracked in on our shoes, the motor home was air tight. Hope it will be just as tight when we drive the dusty roads of Alaska this summer.

We were disappointed not to have a final morning enjoying our campsite on the shore, but felt much more sorry for all the folks who had arrived from out of town for the Whooping Crane festival this weekend. Some of them will be trying to take the boat tour we enjoyed last Sunday under really uncomfortable conditions. Or perhaps the tours were totally cancelled? We drove to the ferry that crosses the Corpus Christi channel and were glad to see that it was still running despite the poor weather conditions. We could have driven the forty miles around the bay, but in the high winds, this would not have been a fun trip.

So now we are camped less than ten miles from where we started in what styles itself as a luxury RV resort. It is a combination of normal rental and ownership campsites. The clubhouse and golf course are not finished yet. When they are it will indeed be more luxurious, but again we question why we would pay $70,000+ to stay here all winter, when there are so many other nice spots to investigate. The rental agent goofed up our reservation so we ended up in the owner's section where the lots are more spacious and nicely landscaped for $25/night rather than in the rental section we had booked. What a shame!

We are here to do outdoor things, but with temps in the 40's and rain, it was time for Plan B. We started at an indoor flea market in Corpus that reminded us of many we have seen in the Valley - small cubicles vending all manner of stuff, generally cheap and poorly made. Items for sale ranged from fresh pineapples to cell phone covers to zoot suits to Mexican made furniture to tombstones. Hardly tempted we moved on to an indoor boat and RV show.

While the RV's are what attracted our attention, the boat displays were equally interesting. Our philosophy of boating is a lot like our philosophy of fishing. We loves friends who have boats, but can't imagine owning one ourselves. Many of the boats we saw here had extremely shallow drafts, suitable for poking around in the marshes and wetlands of coastal Texas. Some had huge powerful engines that would consume fuel at twice the rate our motor home does. When all was said and done that fish you would finally bring home for dinner would have a mighty high price tag. But the experience - to paraphrase a recent commercial - priceless!

The RV's at the show were mostly low end, affordable for families that use them occasionally or on a weekend. It was nice to see happy salesmen slapping "Sold" signs on many as we wandered around. The RV industry has taken such a hit the last few years and this seemed like another sign of recovery. Many of the RV's had outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas, a feature that is probably more useful here in the mild coastal Texas climate than some of the other places we go.

The weather man promises sunshine and 70's again tomorrow. Here's hoping he's right.

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