Winter 2011-2012 travel blog

Time is just going too fast.

I think last Sunday was only day before yesterday - but here it is Sunday again and I promised you a blog.

Ron is sick again. Vertigo and chills. And my cough just won't go away. So that is my excuse.

We are starting to work towards leaving for Q by the end of this week. I cleaned out under the MH bed and moved the totes into our bedroom. I also moved the totes from the shed at Eden Park out of the garage. I found all kinds of things I thought we had lost. Those totes are all re-packed now and placed where the new bed is going.

On Friday we went to Pleasant Valley and returned the router with the missing pieces and picked up lumber to make the new bed. The mattress will be here on Tuesday. We tried sleeping in the MH one night but without the heater it was too cold. So Ron is sleeping on the day bed in the den and I'm sleeping in my chair.

I cooked a turkey yesterday but then remembered we were out of potatoes so we just had sandwiches with gravy. Today I went to Safeway and picked up groceries and then made a big batch of mashed potatoes. Our dinner was potatoes with cut up turkey and gravy - one of our favorite meals.

The weather has been great with cool nights and sunny days. I hope it holds while we are at Q.

I hope I have more exciting news for you by next Sunday.

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