Granada skyline with Duomo and volcano

courtyard of former Franciscan monastery 1539-

primitive revolutionary period painting of a busy hospital

wooden beams thick stonewalls cools monastery

shaded colonnade

corn fills the garden

corn terracotta rooves and volcano

imagine cafe on penny lane

inside #9 cafe

ornate door with frangipani iron decorations

Granada hotel courtyard...not mine though!

dental practice what about toothless tigers?

Church of Mercy blackened next to arestored grand home

colourful Granada home

vista from Mercy Church belltower

yours truly Quasimodo

Mercy church roof

looming volcano over city rooves

Xalteva Church Granada

archaeological ruin..no wait this is a restored city park opposite the X...

Mercy church bell booming over the city

high temperatures make one see things


cool colourful museum courtyard

serene green

non Catholic chapel opp beauty salon

storm approaching

ornate entrance

violet cafe

Granada Cathedral

Here i am in Nicaragua as Rockin' Ronnie oft said about her.." bevare bevare the red menace."..and that olde favourite .." the domino principle.." Lovely old city painted in strong colours pity about the heat and the humidity...my hotel San Angelo very friendly owners some of their children and their kids are squeezed into rooms here....great breakfast included Gallo pinto and scrambled eggs just the rooms were so hot i had to leave my door and window open all night with fan going at full....to counteract insects i had a coil burning all night...after 2 nights of little repose i asked for an air con room ...price $USD 35 no wardrobe or place to hang clothes very gloomy even in the day needed light on...and it was just bearable if i had fan and air con on at full working in unison...great barbers here for $AUD2.25c got the full treatment porky pig style hot face towels tonic balm lotion and hand massager..he even volunteered to trim my nasal hair and my ear hair and there was no more hair up there! Taxis for the most part charged 40c a go and minivans less than $USD 2 to go 50 kms to Granada and USD$2.50 to travel 90 kms to Leon..people have very modest incomes but have a quiet dignity and poise about them...mostly very friendly to visitors...but there are some angry drunks! If only the ron rum wasn't so cheap!

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