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great beach

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picnic shelter

mini light house

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Summer has arrived in Acadiana with temperatures in the 80's and leaves popping out on the trees. It could be safe to head home soon. This kind of weather makes our thoughts turn to the beach, but Louisiana does not have the snowy white beaches that we loved in Florida. If you want to catch a fish or rassle a gator, this is the place to be, but the only beach around here that we know of is manmade. For our final day here before we mosey north, we went to Cypremort Point State Park to check it out. The Louisiana state park system is especially kind to geezers letting us in for free, but they charge much less than the parks in Florida, even if you are unwrinkled.

The road there was rough and bumpy as most roads here are. After the freezing and thawing of winter, we blame our lousy roads on the weather, but around here the ground is soft and unstable and always on the move. This gives me an uneasy feeling whenever it rains, but today the bright blue sky and low humidity only allowed for cheery thoughts. There are only two roads to get to this park and the bridge on one of them has been out since 2007, so we weren't surprised to find ourselves pretty much alone there. We sat on the beach, listening to podcasts and watching fish leap out of the water. We were glad that we brought a picnic, since the nearest restaurant was miles away.

A short drive from the park to the end of the road took us through a resort community where most of the homes looked new or recently repaired. There seems to be no rule about how high your home needs to be off the ground, but if you have bad knees. this is not the place to spend a vacation. Most of the homes looked nice and some folks had expeditiously raised their mobile homes high above our heads using a more economical approach. We saw a few lots with RV's parked on them. This makes a lot of sense. Drive your rig to your lot to enjoy the summer and drive it away before hurricane season arrives.

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