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Fog on Afton Mtn

Confederate Breast Works

Canopy of trees over the roads

Beautiful Bluegrass Valley

Corky shelling butterbeans


During pre-retirement life, we headed out I-64 W to US route 250 most every Friday evening. Oh, how we loved the trip to our own special getaway. It was fun to recall driving with very heavy eyelids, waiting to reach Stanton for a hot cup of coffee. Some of our most precious moments became precious memories!

After three years of abandonment, curiosity carried us across historic Shenandoah Mountain, thru the valley , arriving in Bluegrass Valley located in the Allegheny Mountains. About six miles from the West Virginia line lies the weather worn, creature inhabited mountain house. As one of our friends said, "It's a wonder a bear wasn't living in there". Spider webs, mice, and a ground hog in the root cellar welcomed us! No way was I staying there overnight!!! O---M---G!!!!!

Off to the local country grocery for heavy duty, elbow length gloves. While I tackled the domestic side of things, Corky began the overwhelming task of taming the grass and trimming "flowers". Have you ever seen five feet tall evening primrose, mint, and some other unnamed vegetation?? We avoided taking pictures even though the back porch has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Do you blame us? We toiled until the predetermined time of 7:00 PM.

With pizza in hand from the Country Convenience, we spent a few hours catching up with our good friends, Larry and Carol. He is a retired pharmacist, civil war reenactor, and former sheep farmer. Two years ago the word "former" entered their vocabulary. One of the rams got a little too feisty with petite Carol, fracturing her tibial plateau-quite a nasty fracture with a loooong recovery period. And so it goes, as we age!

With one change of clothes on board, we head to town. There are two choices, the historic Highland Inn vs the local 1950's vintage motel. Oh, what a choice-where oh where is the RV? The best I can say is the shower was clean and hot.

Thursday we take up where we left off at the house. It is now becoming recognizable! Progress!! Working until 3:00 PM left us somewhat tired and sore. Nothing that a stop at Cracker Barrel can't fix-ha. Prior to leaving the Bandy's shared garden vegetables with us; even picking a carton of our own apples for me to cook at home. Thank you, guys! Since we have three-four apple trees on the property, Carol will see the apples do not go to waste! Did Corky have a varmint gun with him-NO! The ground hog will continue to inhabit the root cellar. Look out next time, Puxatawny Phil!!!

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