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This is a view up on the hill by the library. The...

This is down by the road and a little more close up.

Another view. Love the mountains in the back of all of this....

Up close to one of the rows of bales. You can also...

Every time I drive to the library in Salome, I remark that I have to take a picture of the cotton bales and write a blog about it. So this is the time.

On Monday, I stopped and took some pictures. The bales are as big as a semi truck. They winch the bales up in the truck when the haul them out of the fields. I would guess that like most farm crops, the cotton prices depend on the market and are held until the market prices go up. I know that is the way it is with corn and oats. The prices would be low at harvest time, so the farmers would hold the crops until the prices were higher and then take the grain to market.

It has been a busy time around here. I’ve been moving things to the motorhome – getting ready to go out in the desert at Quartzsite.

Monday was the busiest. I worked the book sale starting at 8:30. Then I worked in the office of the Community Center until 2 pm. After I got home I washed a load of clothes and moved some groceries around thin the different cabinets.

While I was gone, Ron got the new brick heater all connected (he put in a quick disconnect for the gas) and the DISH-TV set up worked out.

Tuesday, we were up very early and on the road to meet Jean at the Chapter 12 rally. She had finally gotten the title to the motorhome and so we went and picked that up. Came back in time for the SKP luncheon, so we had some friends’ time, too.

Then in the afternoon we worked on the motorhome. I washed another load of clothes and, when dry, brought it into the motorhome. I rearranged the cabinets for the umpteenth time and put the clean laundry away. We decided to move into the motorhome for the next few days before we leave – so we could try it out and see what we had forgotten to pack.

While I was getting supper, we go a knock on the door. It was Taz’s mistress. She had let him out and he took a beeline right to our lot. He came in and jumped up on the couch and lay down as if to say –“I want to stay here awhile.” She had to carry him home to make him go where he was supposed to go.

Wednesday we were up early. I can’t believe how much warmer this rig is than the 5th wheel. The brick heater is much warmer and I guess because it is smaller, it is easier to heat.

The brick heater is set on a thermostat and will shut down when it gets to temp. We have had it on low and it still got too hot to sleep at night. It also has sensors to shut down if the o2 gets too low.

Most of the morning was spent on final clothes washing and re-stacking the cupboards. Then I worked on getting the registration and title application ready to send to SD. It took a bit – but I think it is all-OK.

I took it to mail and then worked at the library for about an hour. I think the circulation is down from last year – at least by the number of books I have to put away each Wednesday. Or maybe I'm just getting more efficient.

After I got home, we brought some odds and ends over to the motorhome. Then I spiced up chili and we had that for supper. I was able to put one large freezer box away for next week.

I was really tired last night so went to bed early and almost slept the clock around. But I feel rested this morning and I’m ready for that final push. I have to bring the pots and pans over from the 5th wheel and then will spend some time cleaning the 5er before we take off for Q.

So that is the way our week has gone. Life is good. Enjoy!!

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