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Campsite at Frenchman's Wilderness, near St. Martin Parish. Swamp is somewhere behind...

Some of the Henderson swamp - one of my drive by photos,...

More of Henderson Swamp.

Cajun Country - near St. Martin Parish

I Woke up this morning to 18.3 degrees temperature. The night was clear last night, so made for good crisp air. The morning was spent getting ready to leave, only to discover that my slide ratchet – the gysmo that collects the slide awning – was frozen, so it didn’t collect the material. I discovered this only after retracting both slides, then going back outside – you can’t see what the outside of the slides are doing from where the switch is located inside – and seeing the awning material basically folded in accordion style against the side of the trailer. Well, I didn’t think this was such a good thing, so I put the slides back out and waited another hour for the air to warm up a bit. The next time I tried it, the awning retracted okay, so off we went. Thank goodness, the day warmed up to the mid 50’s.

Today was essentially another long drive through SE Texas and southern Louisiana. Not a whole lot to report on, except an awful lot of oil refinery and chemical plants along the way.

I also noticed a lot of fields that looked similar to rice paddies – which I suspect some were. But after chatting with someone at the campground tonight, I discovered that many of these fields – which had little cone like things sticking up in rows, about 30-50 feet apart – were actually crayfish fields. Who would have thought! So this is how they “farm” crayfish, I guess. Seemed rather strange to me to harvest crayfish from a flooded field, but this is the south……………

So, I ended up at the Frenchman’s Wilderness Campground, which is at St. Martin Parish, just east of Henderson, Louisiana. Not a bad place, but fairly rustic. After arriving and getting my trailer all set up, I went over to the campground host, who was just a couple trailers down, and asked a question. Low and behold, they offered me a bowl of chili! After some consideration, I accepted. Then later, they invited me to partake of their campfire, which I did for awhile. I guess you just can’t beat southern hospitality!

Oh, when I got to the campground, a guy walked over to ask about my solar panels, which he had noticed when I went past him. After chatting for a few, I asked which was his unit, and he pointed to another Montana just a couple sites away. After seeing it, I remembered seeing his trailer at a rest stop earlier in the day, because he had a couple canoes attached to the top. Who would have guessed we would have ended up at the same place? At this same rest stop, I pulled in behind some folks that were from Wenatchee, Washington, and they were also Thousand Trails members – we discovered after mentioning where we had been and were going. Small world.

Travel Time: 10:30 am – 5:00 p.m.; 6 ½ hours

Distance: 337 miles

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